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"The name ‘PhiloSofie’ captures an ongoing search for wisdom and purpose. Music serves as a vehicle to get me closer to whatever that may be. Writing and producing allow me to explore and cross boundaries within myself."

- Sofia Darovskikh

"Singer PhiloSofie has the perfect timbre for breezy, uplifting hooks. But when she stretches out on "Lock N Key," it's obvious she's got genuine star potential"

                                                             - Justin Boland

"The emotion described in this song is easily recognized by anyone who has even once fallen in love. Don’t let this fact fool you because Sofia spiced up this track with a dose of mysticism that is quite addictive."

                                                             - Frecqle Music Guide

"Those of you who believe in true love will feel identified with the lyrics of “Go-To” by PhiloSofie. The talented NY-based artist is back with an ElectroPop single, which is the pure definition of romanticism. Even if you don’t believe true love exists in this world, then pay attention to PhiloSofie’s words. You can tell how passionate she is about her lover in her emotive and moving lyrics. Besides this, PhiloSofie’s signature melody creates a dreamy atmosphere that matches her seductive vocals."

                                                             - Electro wow

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