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Song review by The Bandcamp Diaries: PhiloSofie releases 'Precious'

PhiloSofie is an artist who is quickly developing a great following on account of her versatility, and her ability to create distinctive songs based on a huge range of musical influences. While the core of PhiloSofie’s music could be described as modern indie-pop, she is not afraid to stir the mix and spice things up with other influences, including R&B and Neo-Soul, among other styles. The artist’s most recent studio release, “Precious”, feels like a truly phenomenal take on her sound, going for a direct and energetic tone. The song was actually released on October 15th, 2021, and it is still going strong on digital streaming services!

PhiloSofie’s music is highly recommended to fans of artists like Mac Miller, Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande, and “Precious” in particular nails the classic feel of some fo the best modern soul-pop music out there, while still bringing so much personality to the genre. The excitement in this release is palpable, and PhiloSofie is arguably extremely passionate about bringing something special to her audience with this one. When it comes to the quality of the production, the recorded sound is amazing and definitely spot on for the vibe. Every element feels like a perfect fit with the mix, with each section of the release bringing more character and creative excellence to the artist’s greater vision.


“Precious” is a perfectly executed release, with a personality of its own, which practically comes alive the moment you hit the play button. The arrangement is very dense and musically excellent. The drum beat has a dry, punchy sound with a very crunchy and organic feel. The bass lines have that muted, vintage touch that feels incredibly fat, kind of like something you would expect to find on a Beatles record or perhaps more recently, on a Tame Impala album. In addition to the amazing rhythmic backbone that drives the song, the synthesizer melodies are beautiful.


There are some huge soundscapes providing tons of vibe and atmosphere to the song. The synth stabs have a very unique analog flavor, with some present melodies that never seem to overpower the mix in spite of being able to really cut through. Towards the end of the song, what sounds like a phase-y electric piano takes the lead, serving as a beautiful outro to this song. Last, but definitely not least, the track’s vocals really stand out. The artist has a versatile and wide-ranging tone that feels incredibly dynamic and spontaneous. Her vocals can go from near-whispered quiet and sultry, to belting out notes and words, showcasing a varied and emotional approach to singing. It is all even more impressive if you consider the fact that the song was actually written, performed and recorded by PhiloSofie herself!

As an artist who often looks for ways to bring innovation and passion to her songs, PhiloSofie really managed to accomplish quite a lot on “Precious”. The song is incredibly textural when it comes to its production, so much so that it really feels like you can sink into the many different layers of the arrangement as you keep listening to this track. In addition to that, the lyrics also bring a lot of depth to the arrangement, allowing PhiloSofie to use the music as a vehicle of self-expression. This is also a fantastic way to reach out to the audience with something more personal and dynamic, far removed from the usual carbon-copy cliches of the genre. If you are looking for music that offers a new outlook in terms of meaning, this is it. “Precious” is not only very entertaining and fun to listen to, but decidedly inspiring in the way the artist is not afraid to put herself out there as a human being.


“Precious” is the kind of release that really begs for you to take a deep dive, and if you do, you will definitely be glad you did, as this wonderful piece of music is so dynamic and spontaneous, easy to relate to on a much deeper level. Some of the best artists are natural-born storyteller, and PhiloSofie definitely belongs to that category as well. She uses her experiences to channel something way deeper, and cater to the audience with a much more authentic flow of music and emotion, something that perhaps you might not have expected from this type of content. Pop music is sometimes overlooked in terms of the impact that she could have on the audience emotionally, but when artists are really connected with their vision. The singer is arguably very connected with her lyrics, and extremely passionate about taking her artistry to the next level.

This is a very catchy, yet chill and groove-driven song that feels like a great track to add to any indie-pop playlist!"

Listen to 'Precious' on Spotify

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