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Origin: Upstate New York

Years Active: 2014 - Present



PhiloSofie — born Sofia — is a singer, songwriter, topline writer, and producer from upstate New York. PhiloSofie not only creates and produces her own music but also collaborates extensively as a writer and vocalist for various artists. Her most recent collaboration released by NCS, titled “Vienna,” with producer James Mercy, has been featured on the official Valorant Masters e-sports tournament playlist.


Notable Projects Include:

  • Warner Records: “F No” with 99 Neighbors: +29.7 Million Spotify Streams

  • NCS "Take You On" with producer James Mercy: +1.1 M Instagram reels (~5B views) +16 Million Spotify streams.

  • “Free Fall” with producer Dirty Palm

  • Chill Your Mind: “Stranger Things” and “Dancing Til the Dawn” with producers Sonny Bass, Harry Grant 

  • Official ESL One Mumbai Soundtrack: “Find A Way” with producer Vallas.

  • ChillNation and CloudKid featured YouTube channels: “Do My Thing,” “Déjà Vu,” and “Good Care” with producer Lucian

  • Sony Music Sweden: “Compass Home” with producers Foxa and Lewka; featured in several editorials, encompassing New Music Friday Denmark, New Music Friday Iceland, and Chill EDM Hits.


"The name PhiloSofie captures an ongoing search for wisdom and purpose. My music serves as a vehicle to get me closer to whatever that may be. Songwriting and producing allow me to explore and cross boundaries within myself."

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