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#SafeHands Challenge

Stuck in quarantine? This song is for you! 
I made a song for the WHO #SafeHands Challenge. 
Use it to record your own fun video and share it using the #SafeHands hashtag! 

There’s something in the air right now
we just gotta hold it down for the ones around
I see in my town
but what goes up must come down
so imma give a reason and an option
to keep each other going, get the population poppin

do it for your brother sister mother or your aunt
do it for your father grandad uncles and your fam
safe hands
don’t you know that its all up
up to you
we stand
for the ones who don’t know
I got you


sometimes the years go by and there is nothing in them
(nothing in them)
then days and weeks so long feel like a decade that’s ten (decade that’s ten)
safety bubble popped (oh)
and people running nonstop (oh)
and yet the dog is by the window
watching safety bubble billow
with his head tilted to one side
wondering why
we keep a screen close and closer
live a life online through an image that’s a poser
older you know we get older older
maybe we should take a minute, stop
and think about

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